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Siganus Vulpinus

What is the maximum size?
They can reach 24cm.
Where is its origin and where is it exported from?
The Foxface Rabbitfish comes from the Western Pacific.
Is it Reef Compatible?
Not Ideal. Should only be added with caution. Will browse on any algae in the tank and may nip at some corals. Cannot be fully trusted even if its feeding well, if you still wish to add one then make sure dried algae is available for it to graze on.
What should I feed it?
Best to feed a varied diet with plenty of algae. Should except frozen, dried and even flake foods in time.
How many can I keep?
This fish can be kept on its own, in pairs or groups when juveniles. Adults will fight unless they are in a pair.
How compatible is it with other fish?
A fairly peaceful fish with non related species.
Can it be bred in the aquarium?
Warning- Has venomous spines

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