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Red Tiger Oscar 6/8cm

Red Tiger Oscar 6/8cm
Red Tiger Oscar 6/8cm
Astronotus Ocellatus

How hard are they to keep?
We would class this fish as a easy care level.

What is its maximum size?

Where are they from?
The Oscar originates from South America The farm bred varieties consist of many different hybrid colours red, albino, tiger, red Oscar and many others.

What are the ideal water conditions?
Ideal water conditions are a temperature of 24-28°c and a PH of 6.6-7.2.

What do you feed them?
They require a good meat based diet and the amount required means good filtration is essential.

How compatible is it with other fish?
These large cichlids are surprisingly unaggressive if given sufficient space. We have seen many 40cm Oscars peacefully co exciting in ponds of angelfish and koi carp in Thailand. They make great pets with their own personalities. Oscars will become tame and will hand feed. Due to lack of space in most tank set ups Oscars become aggressive to tank mates as they grow.

How do you breed them?
The parents will clear an area for laying and fertilising their eggs. After hatching they will move the fry to a shallow depression that they have prepared in the gravel. Both parents will guard them.

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