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Striped Damsel

Striped Damsel
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Striped Damsel

What is its maximum size?Females are smaller about 8cm, males can reach 10cm.
Where is its origin and where is it exported from?
Striped Damsels come from the tropical Indo- Pacific.
Is it Reef Compatible?
Yes they should not harm invertebrates.
What should I feed it?
They will eat a variety of foods, best to feed a varied diet of frozen foods, live food and aquarium flake.
How many can I keep?
Can be kept in groups in a large aquarium
How compatible is it with other fish?
This hardy fish is best kept in a tank with other robust fish. They are peaceful when young but get aggressive as adults and can dominate a tank. Make plenty of hiding places.
Can it be bred in the aquarium?
Yes this fish can be captive bred. Once the female has deposited her eggs the male will guard them.

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