Frequently Asked Questions


How are the fish delivered?

The fish are sent via an overnight courier service with APC couriers. They are the only licenced livestock couriers in the UK. The fish are packed with oxygen and heatpacks if required to maintain temperature through the night. They are kept in the secure caged part of the vans.

What days can you deliver and times?

We can send out for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. It is a priority morning service, deliveries are generally between 9am and 1pm.

What is the minimum order?

Our minimum order for livestock orders before delivery is £35. This is due to the high cost of packing materials required. This can be fish and dry goods.

You can order just dry goods below this amount.

Why is the system not calculating a shipping cost?

If you are experiencing problems please get in touch. It is likely to either be that we are able to deliver to your postcode or the order is under our minimum order of £35.

Where can you deliver to?

We can deliver to most of the UK. Unfortunately there are parts of Scotland we are unable to deliver to on a next day service. In the instance we can generally deliver to the depots in the area if you would liek to enquire on a collection.

Postcodes outside out delivery area-
All BT, Isle of Wight PO30+, Dublin and Eire, ZE1-3, AB30+, HS, IV, KW, PH19+, JE, GY, DD8+, FK16+,KA27+, PA20+, PH30+, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, International.
How do I know what fish can go together?
We have split all the fish into sections of what is compatible. On the tropical fish you have passive, boisterous and cichlid communities. These cannot mix so only choose from one section. Where a fish can go into two communities we have added it into both. If you are unsure please contact us.
Can you send just male Malawi?
With most of the malawi we are able to select the males out, while this is easier in the larger sizes we would do our best on the smaller 4-6cm size. There are some species where it is not possible to sex the fish such as the Blue Dolphin Cichlid.
Can I request a mix of male and female on the fish?
There is a box at checkout for any requests. The fish are mixed in the tanks and for certain fish we can select males or females such as platies, swords, gourami, some rainbowfish, Rams and dwarf cichlids.
Are marine fish harder to keep?
Marine fish are far more sensitive and time consuming to keep. Please only look at setting up a tank for these fish if you have the time and knowledge to keep them. You will need to have the equipment for mixing saltwater in order to keep up with regular changes and test kits to monitor the water. Fish need to be researched prior to buying as lots of these fish are very sensitive and cannot be kept with the same species. We are happy to help with fish compatibility, please get in contact if you are new to marine keeping.
What should my water parameters be?
The salt level should be set between 1.021 and 1.023 for fish but slightly higher for a coral only tank. The PH should be 8.1-8.4.