We now supply a large range of pond plants including Lilies, oxygenators, marginals and floating plants.

Our Pond Plants are sent directly from our Supplier so delivery is separate from fish deliveries and will occur a delivery charge separate from our usual delivery charges.

Pond Plant orders must be placed separately from your fish order to avoid confusion on delivery times.

Delivery Charges for Pond Plants

Standard Delivery (England, Wales, Scottish Lowlands)-£5.99

Free delivery over £50

Pallet Delivery- Please enquire for pallet deliveries of 30L Plants

Please enquire for quotes to Scottish Highlands.

Our Pond Plants

Delivery Times-

Standard Plant Delivery- 4-6 Working days. During busy times please allow 7-10 working days.

Deep Water Plants & Molluscs

Deep Water plants are alternatives to lilies for the deeper areas of the pond to give leaf cover and shade to the water. Our range of molluscs include snails that eat algae and mussels that filter water.

Floating Plants

Only native floating plants are truly hardy whilst tropical species add variety to the pond. All shade the water and remove nitrates, which helps reduce algae and increase biodiversity.

Marginal Plants

Marginal Plants give the pond both height and colour and grow around the edges. These plants can be placed in the shallow areas of a pond. Can also be planted out of the water in damp ground so are ideal for a bog garden too.

They remove nitrates which helps to reduce algae and keep the water clear and are beneficial to wildlife. They look most attractive when planted in groups of three of five.

Moisture and Shade Loving Plants

These are excellent for bog gardens or damp areas where the soil does not dry out. Our range includes ferns which tolerate deep shade and primulas.

Oxygenating Plants

Oxygenators photosynthesise underwater creating oxygen which then dissolves. This is not only essential for all animal life, but also for bacteria which help keep the water clear. All bunched oxygenators benefit from their roots being pushed into the soil except for Ceratophyllum. Many oxygenating plants have two forms of foliage; submerse (below the water) and emerse (above the water) and they look very different. It is only foliage below the water that oxygenates the pond.

Water Lilies (Nymphaea)

Water Lilies are often considered the most attractive of pond plants.

Lilies make a beautiful addition to any pond. Their elegant folowers can be seen from June to September. Ideally two thirds of the pond’s surface should be covered by lily leaves or floating plants. The shade they create lowers light levels, which in turn reduces algae growth. Lilies do not like water splashing on their leaves. They prefer still water and full sun. To encourage flowering, remove excess leaves.

Our Pond Plants