In the Clownfish family there is a wide diversity of colour and behaviour. The most popular is of course the common clownfish ‘nemo’ made popular from the film ‘Finding Nemo’. There are 28 species of anemomefish.

Also known as anemonefish, named due to the relationship with their host the Anemone. The sea anemone provides protection from predators. The clownfish brings food to the anemone, helps circulate the water and removes parasites.  They are one of the few fish that can survive the stinging tentacles of the anemones. They produce a mucus coating which protects them. There is also a theory they have developed some resistance to the anemones sting. The relationship between the clownfish and anemome is called Symbiosis.

Anemonefish are born male. When there are two males the larger more dominent fish will become the female.

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OATA Guide to keeping Clownfish