Tetra’s such as Neon Tetra, Glowlight, Rummynose and Cardinals are ideal shoaling fish and make a beautiful addition to a peaceful aquarium.

Whilst the Neon Tetra is the most popular of all, we have a huge range to suit all tanks.

Generally hardy and peaceful, they are an ideal fish to start off an aquarium with. These are one of the very best fish if you are looking for a shoal with large groups actively swimming together, creating a really lovely image in your aquarium.

Varieties available include Neon, Glowlight, Rummynose, Black Widow, Penguin, Lemon, Red Eye and many more!

When starting up your aquarium or adding to an existing one and you are unsure of the ideal mix or quantity, please feel free to ask! We are always happy to chat on the phone or answer an email.

Being one of the easier fish to keep makes Tetra’s very popular. We only source ethically farmed, strong and healthy tropical fish. As a result the PH requirements are very similar for all of the Tetra we stock, around 7-7.5 meaning this is very achievable in the home aquarium.


OATA Guide to Tetras