Tropheus Groups

All Tropheus are mouth brooders and most are herbivorous, plant and algae eaters. They are aggressive to their own kind and similar species. Provide plenty of rocks for hiding places and keep in large numbers, 10 should be the minimum number. Intentional overcrowding reduces the natural aggression. Intentional overcrowding will require extra filtration and regular partial water changes.

We have listed the 6 tropheus groups below and the main species within these groups.


Polli or Lyretail


Maswa (yellowband), Karilani (Narrow white band), Kigoma (Wide White Band)


Bemba (Red banded), Kiriza, Bula Point (Cherry Spot), Ikola, Karamba Black with a vertical bar or stripe- Ikola, Kiriza, Bemba

Black with Spots

Bula Point, Karamba Northern part of lake.


Chaitika, Red Rainbows (Kambwimba), Ilangi, Mpulunga, Muraga, Linangu, Kala, Lufuba
Adults tend to have stripes or with rainbow variety many colours including yellow, orange and red.
Southern part of Lake.


Chimba, Kachese, Chisanse, Moliro Adults generally do not have stripes but have red or dark red background.
Western part of lake.


Kipili, Mpimbwe, Ulwile, Ujiji
Fry have stripes but not the adults.