Pond Fish and Tropical Fish Guarantee

All Tropical and Pond fish have a 10-day stay alive guarantee, as long as they are acclimatised in an appropriate mature environment. If you experience any problems with any of the fish received please email us within this period and send photos of the fish.

Marine Fish Perfect Health Promise

All Marine Fish have a Perfect Health Arrival guarantee. However, for the following reasons, we cannot guarantee beyond that

A lot of different reasons can effect why a marine fish does not settle into its new environment, these range from:

  • Unsuitable water conditions – Incorrect PH, high ammonia and nitrite levels.
  • Tank bullies – Some marine fish are very passive and will not mix well with more boisterous tank mates.
  • Incorrect tank size – Please research the fish you are buying, some will get stressed if in a tank to small.

However, if you do have any problems when the fish does arrival please contact us straight away and we will extend your guarantee until the fish is healthy again. However, you must call on the arrival day to activate this
If any of your aquatic life dies during our guarantees and has been acclimatised in a mature aquarium please take a photo and email across we will send you a credit note.

Please email us photographs of the deceased specimens –