Utsuri- Koi Varieties

Utsurimono are often confused with the Bekko varieties due to their similar colouration. The difference between them is that Utsuri are black Koi with red, white or yellow markings. Whereas Bekko are white koi with black or yellow markings. Unlike the Bekko they also have sumi markings on the head which reaches down to the […]

Sanke- Koi Varieties

The word Sanke means tri-colour. A little bit of history on the Sanke It is not known exactly when the first sanke was bred but they were first recorded between 1912 and 1926. They have changed dramatically over the years from having a striped appearance to the many patterns found today. Sanke Colours One of […]

What happens at a Koi centre during the winter?

Well it’s official, the heating is on, thick jumpers are required and I’ve even spotted that warm winter hats are here, that’s right winter is upon us! Winter arriving means Koi sales end and all the ‘out of season’ jobs begin. So what does winter look like for the Koi team at ATYD? First thing […]