If stunning colours are what you are looking for then High Quality ‘AA’ Grade Koi Carp are the answer.
Koi Carp are the main attraction in any garden pond and bred in a dazzling selection of colours. Originally bred in Japan, Koi are now farmed all around the world.
In our extensive selection you will find all varieties from Kohaku to Hariwake and all in between. The High Quality ‘AA’ Grade Koi Carp  are the very best small Koi available.
David has imported Koi for 50 years, as a result we have the best relationships with the best farms in the world

Our Koi Carp are quarantined in our purpose built quarantine and conditioning ponds so you can be certain of receiving healthy fish.
We stock a range of sizes from 2″-24″ therefore there is something for everyone.
All the larger Koi are individually photographed
Happy picking!

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