Tanganyikan Cichlids

African cichlids belong to the Cichlidae family. Tanganyikan Cichlids require similar water conditions to their natural environment. A water temperature of 25-27°C and PH of 8.2-9.

All the Tropheus available are farm bred.

Tropheus have a territorial aggressive nature. Therefore keep in a species only tank with plenty of rocks to provide hiding places. Ideally build up from the bottom of the tank to the top throughout most of the tank.

It is preferable to establish a colony by introducing fish at the same time. A group of 6-12 fish or more depending on tank size. Synotontis Catfish can also be added to larger tanks.

The best way to combat territorial aggression is keeping a well stocked tank. Therefore extra filtration will be required. Regular water changes are also important to maintain water quality.

(Please feel free to get in touch to discuss stocking numbers).

All Tropheus maternally mouth brood their eggs and fry.

Please note- Juvenile fish can be less colourful compared to their adult colouring.

Do not mix Tanganyikan Cichlids with other Tropical Fish from the other categories.This is due to their aggressive nature.