Kohaku- Koi Varieties

A little bit of history on the Kohaku-

Koi originate from the common carp. First bred as far back as 1888 it was one of the first varieties developed and still today is considered the most important.

Colour Patterns-

Kohaku are a white Koi with red markings and perhaps the best known and most popular variety. They can be Doitsu (scaleless), plain or Gin Rin.
The beauty of this fish is there are so many different patterns the red can take that there is always one everyone likes. The red is called Hi and should have good crisp edges.

Gin Rin Kohaku
16" Hand Selected Doitsu Kohaku (KN510)
Doitsu Kohaku

Nidan is a 2 step pattern

Sandan is a three step pattern

Yondan is a 4 four step pattern

Godan is a 5 step pattern

Inazuma is a zig zag pattern

Tancho is a pure white koi with a circular red spot in the centre of its head, one of the most sought after varieties.

Ohmoyo is an unbroken single pattern

Kuchibeni refers to red on the mouth “lipstick”

12/14" High Grade Hand Selected Tancho (ATYD-KN364)

Kohaku for sale

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