Algae Eating Fish

Miniature algae eaters include the Ottocinclus which grows to a maximum size of 4-5cm and the Borneo Sucker loach which reaches a maximum size of 5cm.

Probably the most efficient algae cleaner is the common Pleco.  The only problem is the size, they can grow up to 46cm.

An attractive alternative to the common Pleco is the Bristlenose Plecostomus.  Although more expensive it seldom grows larger than 15cm.  Also available is the attractive Albino variety.

Siamese Flying Fox grow to a maximum size of 14cm and will eat Thread Algae.

Algae Eater and Gold Algae Eater grow to a maximum size of 20cm.

A very popular Algae Eater is the Spotted Pleco, Pterygopichthys Gibbiceps, due to its attractive patterns.