Why buy from Aquatics to your door?


So why buy from us over the other online fish stores?

* Experience

The reason starts over 50 (yes 50!) years ago. David opened his first fish store when he was just 21. There is no substitute for experience, especially in the live stock trade. Over the past 5 decades, David has built up relationships from the very best suppliers all across the world. David is regularly visiting Thailand, Israel, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan, Vietnam and this is just to name a few.,l This results in us having the very best livestock to supply direct to you.

* Size

It’s official, size does matter! Well it most certainly does when you are buying live stock and want to get the best value for money. It’s a complaint we hear regularly from new customers, they’ve bought online before but have been unhappy with the sizes sent. Here at Aquatics to your door, we are open to the public 7 days a week and send the same generous sizes online as we sell in store.

Whilst this is an issue with the tropical fish, the biggest area of controversy is with Koi carp.
Traditionally Koi have always been measured to the ‘V’ of the tail. In recent years a lot of on line stores have not been doing this and just measuring from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, this results in a much smaller fish not just in lengh but also weight. Our aim is always to be generous on size, we supply you with a fish we would like to receive ourselves.

* Family

Aquatics to your door is a family run operation. Day to day David along with Mike and Steve (2 of his sons) run the business with ample support from Rick (son number 3) and Katherine (David’s daughter). This results in us all pulling in the same direction and all knowing that reputation and service mean everything. Trust me there’s nothing worse then the whole family being after you because you let the side down! So at the end of the day, we keep each others standards high.