What happens at a Koi centre during the winter?

Well it’s official, the heating is on, thick jumpers are required and I’ve even spotted that warm winter hats are here, that’s right winter is upon us!

Winter arriving means Koi sales end and all the ‘out of season’ jobs begin.

So what does winter look like for the Koi team at ATYD?

First thing is first and that will be stock taking any remaining Koi and decide where they will over wintering. With maintenance and repairs usually needed across the winter we will move all remaining to Koi to one pond and let the work begin!

This year we are changing the drainage on some of the larger Koi tanks, so these have all been drained ready for the work to commence. We are always looking for ways to make maintenance more efficient and this winters work will help this.

One of our staple winter jobs is cleaning the ponds and tanks that the coldwater fish are kept in. Although done throughout the year, with few fish in the ponds it is a good chance to remove all the unsightly (although harmless) algae which builds up!

Next up we will decide where stock is being kept for the up coming season. With in excess of 80 ponds, it takes some organising. Sorting this means we can then print the pricing signs for the new season. Although it may feel ike a long winter, for us the season effectively begins again in January when new stock starts to arrive so all of these jobs need completing by Christmas.

From January onwards fish will start to arrive and it all begins again!

Here’s hoping for a mild and quick winter!