• Make sure aquarium lights are turned off and float the bags on top of the aquarium for around 15-20 minutes with the bags sealed.

  • After you are satisfied that the temperature in the bag and aquarium are equal, open the top of the bag and add a small amount of aquarium water.

  • Allow the bag to float for a further 3-4 minutes before releasing the fish into the aquarium.

  • ONCE THE BAG IS OPEN THE FISH MUST BE RELEASED WITHIN 5 MINUTES! Failure to do this could result in the fish running short of oxygen.

  • Leave the lights off for a further 2 hours to allow the fish to settle in their new home.

  • If you have any questions regarding the feed required for the fish you have purchased please ask a member of staff

  • Once you feel the fish have settled into your aquarium, please add a small amount of food to the tank and observe for any territorial or aggressive behaviour